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Webinar "Mindful Parenting - Raising kids without losing your mind"


7:30-9:00 PM


Online (Zoom)


Being a parent has never been an easy task. In fact, it is an “impossible profession” (Siegmund Freud). Yet we have to do it, often without the village our ancestors had as a support, in a world of turmoil, to-do-lists, climate change and digitalisation. We try to prepare our children for a world that we have no idea about. What do they need? How will they live? Mindfulness and resilience are buzzwords of today’s times, but aside from all the good but not helpful advice of “how to do it right”, one can actually find support and strength and trust in the practice. Whatever is happening, we are still human beings that need real connection, deep listening, showing up and authenticity. Mindfulness practice allows you to find your own way of attunement, being there for your kids amidst all the trouble on the outside. Finding your own truth, there is no need for an expert or some book guide to show you how.

A webinar organized by Brussels Mindfulness.




59 EUR

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