What is mindfulness?

Being mindful means to experience the present moment in its wholeness, just as it is, and without judging it. With loving presence we are aware of everything that is here in this moment, inside and outside of us. Mindfulness is an attitude towards life that allows us to live with more balance, consciousness, and wisdom. We spend our life very much in the autopilot mode, without being aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it. As a consequence we react automatically and impulsively and in the line of unconscious patterns. A huge amount of our thinking is spent in the past or in the future and we miss out on the present moment. Like this we miss out on life itself, because only in the here and now do we have the possibility to act, to create, and to have control over our life.

With mindfulness we become the working force of our life by consciously choosing a behaviour or a response in harmony with our values and needs.

What can I give you?

As mindfulness coach I want to give you some basic tools with which you will be able to live your life with greater awareness and therefore with much more joy and fulfilment. Better dealing with stress, deeper relationships with other people (especially with your partner and children) and a greater overall well-being – this is where I want to guide you in my courses, workshops and retreats.

As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are.
Otherwise you will miss most of your life.
Jack Kornfield


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NEW:  Guided meditations in the app “Insight Timer” 

A growing number of my guided meditations (in English and in German) can be found now in the App “Insight Timer”. Search for “Berenice Boxler”. Available for iOS and Android.


coming soon:

13-15 March 2020 – Weekend-Retreat “Taking a Break” (ge), Hamburg-Ammersbek (Germany)

19 March 2020 – free Introduction to Mindfulness (ge), Schrondweiler

more events (also in English) to be found here