Berenice Boxler

Berenice Boxler

After studying (Master of Arts in Human Sciences) in Germany (Bonn) and Scotland (Aberdeen), I worked at the University of Bamberg before moving to Luxembourg. After a further training in “project management” I worked at the Nature Park Our before moving to Brussels in 2012. After five years in Belgium I am now back in Luxembourg with my family.

I work closely with Brussels Mindfulness as freelance-trainer, for example for the European Commission in Luxembourg and as specialist for “mindful communication”.

From 2020 onwards I will be part of the inspiring team around “Mit Kindern wachsen” and work in the training for parents in seminars and retreats.

I am MBSR and mindfulness teacher with a specialization on mindful parenting and education, mindful communication and mindfulness for children and adolescents.


For several years, the practice of mindfulness – formal meditation and informal practice – has been part of my everyday life. The MBSR -teacher training and certification took place in Germany (arbor-Seminare), as well as a further training in the field of mindful parenting (“Mit Kindern wachsen”, Germany). In Brussels I also participated in the Compassion Cultivation Training, developed at Stanford University (CCARE). I regularly go to retreats to deepen my practice with teachers such as Christiane Wolf and Jon Kabat-Zinn, Rainer Künzi and Catherine Felder in Beatenberg ( and Dharma teacher Jake Dartington.


Life is a journey, not a destination
Ralph Waldo Emerson


because in my view there is no end, where everything is solved and finally finished or even perfect. No, every day and every moment is in itself life, and so right now is always the right moment to grow, to love, to be respectful, to feel compassion, and to pay full attention.

Through my own experience, I am convinced that each one of us can make life a little bit more pleasant, manageable and fulfilling when we allow ourselves to be really present and to see what this moment is offering. To get to know oneself, to take care of oneself, to feel connected with others – all this will contribute to a more fulfilling life. And what greater a gift can you offer the people who are close to you (especially your children and partner) as to be a satisfied and balanced person!

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