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„Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”
Stephen Covey

Mindful Communication

According to statistics, over 90 percent of the adults think of themselves as good listeners. Reality shows quite a different picture. Who does not know the unsatisfying feeling that the other person is not really listening, not being present at all?

In this workshop on mindful communication I will give an introduction into the topic with a lot of insightful exercises and time to share.

We will understand the basics of mindful communication and how to speak and listen so that we reach a mutual understanding. We will learn the principles by which we can invite the other person to really listen to what matters to us.

We will talk about the three foundations of mindful communication:

  • presence: how to establish and keep real presence when being and talking with another person;
  • intention: how to ground ourselves in the intention to understand and to care and the important difference between “needs” and “strategies”;
  • attention: how to consciously shift the locus of attention when needed and how to talk in a more neutral way so that others will listen without defending themselves;

as well as

  • challenging conversations: how to notice reactivity, how to modulate activation and how to deactivate our nervous system so that we can stay grounded, even in difficult situations.

Time and Place:

Currently there is no date fix. New dates to be published soon. 


Price and Registration:

€ 75 (for 3 h workshop, including handout and audio downloads)

Contact me ( if you are interested in organising this workshop in your institution!