Opening heart and senses for nature’s beauty and for the healing effects of nature on the human body, f.ex. with savoury walks and forest bathing

1. Guided Savoury Walk in the Natural Park Our

Discovering nature anew with a mindful mind and heart. In collaboration with Natural Park Our and Ministère de l’Énergie et de l’Aménagement du territoire.


Savoury Walk
(in German)

Wednesday 10 June 2020
19-21, Kautenbach

in cooperation with Natural Park Our

For all who want to experience nature will all senses and discover mindfulness.

Please refer to the German page as the guided tours will be in German. Contact me ( for any questions. 


2. Forest bathing

Being inspired and strengthened by the healing quietness of the trees.


Workshop “Forest Bathing”
(in German)

Saturday 23 May 2020
10-15, Stolzembourg
in cooperation with Club Haus op der Heed

Price and Registration:

The workshop will soon be published for registration on For further information, please contact the Club Haus op der Heed (