Preferring simplicity and freedom,
Practicing not-doing,
Everything will fall into place.

Lao Tzu

A retreat is a time-out, a break from everyday routine, with space for reflection, coming to senses and meditation. It is a time for oneself, without expectations, without duties, without daily chores, and without outer distractions. Simply being in the here and now, in sitting, walking or eating.

Together with other like-minded people and with guidance of a experienced teacher the participants can experience what it means to practice non-doing for a couple of days. We will meditated, be silent, experience nature, say hello to our monkey-mind that is leaping from thought to thought, we will reflect and discover together how to give your body and your mind a break from everyday life.

Retreats in 2020:

Family Retreat

23-27 August 2020, Götzis (Vorarlberg, Austria)
Sunday 17.00 until Thursday 13.00

Jugend- und Bildungshaus St. Arbogast
Montfortstraße 88
6840 Götzis
Austria (Vorarlberg)


language: German


Family time, parent time, children time – Original Play (after Fred Donaldson), meditation, self-care, craft and art, being together, enjoying presence and family.

For more information and registration, please refer to the German page

Autumn Retreat “New buds are growing under the leaves”

8-11 October 2020, Mettlach (Germany, Saarland)
Thursday 18.00 until Sunday 14.00

Europäisches Zentrum für Meditation und Begegnung
Neumühle 1
66693 Mettlach
Germany (Saarland)

Website: www.neumü

language: German


Reflections on the year and on things accomplished and still working on, meditations, sitting in silence, practicing non-doing, being inspired, etc.


Annette Gieß, mindfulness teacher (MBSR, MSC, MBSR-T, .be) and school teacher in Lübeck

Berenice Boxler, mindfulness teacher (MBSR, mindful communication, mindfulness in education and in schools, mindfulness for parents)

For more information and registration, please refer to the German page

Spring Retreat “Finding your thread”

30 April to 2 May 2021, Sint-Martens-Lennik (near Brussels, Belgium)
Friday evening until Sunday afternoon

organised by Brussels Mindfulness

Het Verblijf
Rosweg 54
1750 Sint-Martens-Lennik


language: English


A weekend retreat that you offer to yourself to experience life as it is in the present moment – with all your senses, your thoughts and wishes, your emotions, your bodily signals, your breath, your whole being you.

With Berenice Boxler (mindfulness teacher). 

More information and registration by following this link