Preferring simplicity and freedom,
Practicing not-doing,
Everything will fall into place.

Lao Tzu

A retreat is a time-out, a break from everyday routine, with space for reflection, coming to senses and meditation. It is a time for oneself, without expectations, without duties, without daily chores, and without outer distractions. Simply being in the here and now, in sitting, walking or eating.

Together with other like-minded people and with guidance of a experienced teacher the participants can experience what it means to practice non-doing for a couple of days. We will meditated, be silent, experience nature, say hello to our monkey-mind that is leaping from thought to thought, we will reflect and discover together how to give your body and your mind a break from everyday life.

Retreats in 2020:

13-15 March 2020, Ammersbek (Northern Germany)

Friday evening until Sunday afternoon; exact timing will be announced soon

Haus am Schüberg
Wulfsdorfer Weg 33
22949 Ammersbek


language: German


The retreat will include meditations in sitting, lying and walking, guided reflections and talks about mindfulness and its background, to deepen the understanding.

A detailed programme with a clear timing will be announced here soon.


Annette Gieß, mindfulness teacher (MBSR, MSC, MBSR-T, .be) and school teacher in Lübeck

Berenice Boxler, mindfulness teacher (MBSR, mindful communication, mindfulness in education and in schools, mindfulness for parents)

Price and registration:

Sleeping will be in single- and/or double rooms. More information to come.